Friday, September 08, 2006

Kings Of Africa

King of Akropong-AkuapemGhana

Sultan of Sokoto Nigeria


Olowo of Owo Nigeria

Sultan of Rey-Bouba Cameroun

Oba Erediauwa Of Bé.nin Nigeria

Emir of Katsina Nigeria

Obi of Nnewi Nigeria

King of Kuba


Ekegbian of Bé.nin Nigeria

Sultan of Fumban and Mfon of the Bamun Cameroun

King of Bana Cameroun

Fon of Bandjun. Cameroun

Lamido of Bibemi Cameroun

King of Abomey Benin

These photographs proves that Africa is in reliable hands.
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Ring The Alarm said...

Those men are kings, respect that.

Sophie said...

What the hell do you mean by that sarcastic ass comment?!?! Oh like the USA is in such reliable hands?

You are a completely ignorant, disrespectful, and racist bastard and you seriously may want to change or clarify that.

I do not mean to be so vituperative, but I thought those pictures were absolutely beautiful and enlightening about a culture I really know little about, sadly. I apprecaited that someone would post pictures that are probably rarely seen, but need to be exhibited. You really ruined an otherwise admirable post.


matt said...

I agree to second post. If it was not for these pictures I would have not learned anything today. but now I know that Africa is ruled by kings and not just crime lords. Plus I know what the kings wear and what they look like.

So number 1 get your head out of your asshole. You might find that it hurts less when you keep your head out of your but. You might have a more brighter and more postive out look on life. (people around you)

Mimi said...

Beautiful, these pictures are just so beautiful! I can only dream to meet any of these kings in my lifetime--thanks for posting the pics for us hoi polloi to see. Wow, just looking at those headgear and accessories would make one realize the diversity and richness of African culture...

Max_DTP said...

1st of all, thanks for showing off how vituperative the politically correct are (thanks, that's a good word). 2nd, when I read "Ringthealarm"'s comment, I didn't get any sarcasm out of it until you two censures came along with your 5$ words, then I had a good laugh. Of course, if you knew anything about Africa, you'd realize that Nigeria and Cameroon were soveriegn dictatorships and that these men in the picture are tribal kings, tantimount to a cross between an American Indian Chief and a state governor. No, little Matt, africa isn't ruled by crime lords or kings, most african nations are run by the respective militaries. Try to pay more attention in class

fenriswolf039 said...

Those men are heathens. You're all a bunch of blind idiots if you think they are any different than the rest of the bloodsucking warlords.

roz said...

Looks just like the jigga boo's that live here. Funny as hell!!!

jock said...

Roz, I agree, but what is a jigga boo suppose to look like? It doesn't take a really smart person to figure it out that people look like their ancestors.

Cletus J. "Bubba" Huckabee Jr. said...

It is such a shame that the politically correct lemmings of the world can't come up with anything other than "racist" to scream at us. (Sophie, pay attention!) I believe this is because the PC Lemmings tend to not only have limited cognitive capacity, but also a stunted vocabulary. "Vituperative" is a word rented for the day... you must try harder, Sophie! They know they disagree with something you have said, but they aren't quite sure what it is and they don't know the words to say… so they blurt out "racist." Everything comes back to “racism.” Point out something that is clearly gender-based, and the lemmings cry "racism" Point out a national trait, and the lemmings cry "racist." Say "good morning, how are you?" and the lemmings cry "racist" Writing that Africa is in good hands is sarcastic, but there is nothing in those words that is patently racist. I suggest Sophie and the other lemmings go grab a thesaurus and try to find some additional or different words to use. Political Correctness is an affliction, education is the cure.

Anonymous said...

the pics are so beautifull' and the colors are is our motherland'god bless africa,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share Africa's beauty with mysixth grade class. As I teach them tolerance and acceptance of other cultures, I realize that the idea must be a new one. The ignorance of someof the responders tell me that noone ever introduced the idea to them or any of their ancestors. Ignorance is such bliss.. Ringthe alarm is a great example.

Anonymous said...

Men of great respect and reverence. Did you check out the stone carvings?

Tuga7 said...

great pictures!

sadecedizi said...

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Hi Everyone,
The owner of this blog is a thief, he has breached the rules of copyright. These pictures are the works of a professional photographer in his book KINGS OF AFRICA. This book is a must have for everyone interested in African chieftaincy institution and its history. Everything is in it.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah America vote now for your new KING!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. I would like to see pics of African Queens.
I have visited Africa and the culture is beautiful as well.

And to the comments about these men being warlards. Blabk men in power with wealth scare the hell out of white people, so you tell lies as to their conduct and how they rule what you haven't stolen yet. These men rule in areas of Africa that have not yet been trashed and or strip mined by caucs.
Greedy, Jealous, Greedy

Anonymous said...

How many of you people have Passports? How many of you have travelled beyond your borders? I do not mean to the next County or State! Again, many of you have proved that limited intelligence runs rampant throughout the Western Hemisphere. Sad but True!

Unknown said...

They do not have constitutional roles, And as such do not have any power.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
I am from Africa, born in Liberia. Generally most African countries are rule or govern by the military (mostly dictators). But in each countries there are small villages, and those villages are rule by kings. The military general is to the president of the country as the warrior is to king of the village.

Anonymous said...

Despite whatanyone may think, these are real kings that exist in real kingdoms today. One thing that doesn't lie is history and these kings have the roots to prove it. If anyone begs to differ, take a look at who is the king of this land we call america today (OBAMA) I rest my case!!!!

Unknown said...