Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crazy and Weird Houses

Houses Designed by Crazy Architects.

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JC said...

Pic #20 is "la pedrera" in Barcelona, on the "passeo de gracia"
This building was designed by Gaudi.

By any chance, anyone knows some others of these buildings with the name of the architects ?

DTM said...

what is missing here are the Cube Houses ( Called as well Casas cubicas de Rotterdam) by Architect Piet Blom in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As for the other houses, looking up the designers will give me something to do, so I will do my best to find out

B said...

Pic#22 is a rock-monastery of Meteora in Greece.
I was there in the last year and it was amazing!

yoshiko said...

The thrid one must be in Japan because the lettes on its roof say "Tonchinkan, the upside-down restaurant" in Japanes.

Frida said...

I'd love to live in some of these.

Why are some of them posted twice?

Floyd Landis said...

#6 is the Chemosphere designed by John Lautner in Los Angeles. It was used the movie "Body Double". Lautner once worked for Frank Lloyd Wright and simply kicked every other modern architect's ass. Another of his houses was in the "Big Lebowski".

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm OzzMan

I'f just started designing houses using Sketchup and I find these house to be VERY Inspiring


Bibi said...


Actually is pic#26

"La Pedrera" in Barcelona designed by Gaudi.

Anonymous said...