Monday, April 30, 2007

Artistic Coffins

Floral Coffins

Religious Coffins

Scenic Coffins

Sports Coffins

Themed Coffins

Child Caskets

People who live with style also prefer to die with style. To book your artistic coffin today visit:
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janine said...

for some reason this just disturbs me a little bit... mostly because i'm afraid my family would pick one that i wouldn't like!!!

Frida said...

The children's coffins make me wanna cry.

However, somehow that doesn't stop me from wanting a faerie coffin...

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say but this one looks pretty scary...It really remind of the dreadful time which for sure onbody wants to remember......

ahillakos said...

Is it possible to have a child's theme to a bigger one?
I liked the one with the little bears outside.
Some of them makes me hurry up for that moment to "live" it as soon as possible.