Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Extreme Ironing Competition

Welcome to the home of extreme ironing - The latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.
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Ali(solation) said...

Those are awesome

EoLhC said...

Hehe That's Sparta! Go Slice of Chicago!

namib cheetah said...

After 20 years of not ironing (I don’t even own an iron), I am employed by a company that imports and exports steam pressing equipment in the laundry and dry cleaning industries.
Some years ago, I saw a photo in a local newspaper of a mountain climber ironing a shirt at the top of a mountain. At the time, it looked crazy and I thought it was a one-off. Today, I did a google search on extreme ironing images. Tears rolled from the corners of my eyes as these amazing photos opened up on my screen. Why IRONING? I mean, of all the household chores one can do in an extreme sense, why ironing? What is wrong with hauling a vacuum cleaner up a mountain or water-skiing with one? Who is behind this concept?
One extreme ironer confessed that there was nothing like wearing a freshly ironed shirt when participating in an extreme sport. I had no idea that extreme ironing was real, that it is so big and that it is taken quite seriously by those who participate in the sport.

I wonder what the suppliers of ironing equipment make of extreme ironing. It’s quite an interesting marketing tool. Perhaps my employer should consider an extreme ironing division in an attempt to procure more business in these tough economic times.

Great ironing all, keep it up! :)

Valerie said...

It's just crazy and great... I love !!!.. Was necessary to dare... This is a good media blow for the ironing... but again it's necessary to like to iron its clothing... Me I am leaving on the cliffs, In emptiness, in rafting, but for something else that the housework ...

Tony said...

OMG that is a really good post. Some of those pictures are unbelievable. I guess the world is just full of crazy people.