Friday, May 04, 2007

Fake Chinese Brands





Ritter Sport












Louis Vuitton

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Daoming said...

How do you know that all of them are Chinese Brands? Have you been to China and take these photos?

How idiot you are.

notandi 691 said...

Well, I am certain the general concensus is that the majority of fake brand products flowing out of Asia are of chinese origin.

Although these certainly might some be of different origins I believe - although it may not be fair - that it is to be expected that wares of this sort are automatically labelled chinese.

Oh, and by the way? How would going to China help? Would that prove without doubt that they were of Chinese origin? Do you mean to suggest that absolutely nothing in China might possibly be imported?


agentsubterfuge said...

HOW IDIOT YOU ARE!@@@.......


Unknown said...

The Louis Vuitton one is in Thailand, you can see the flag in the picture.

Dan Farrell said...

how is the louis vuitton a fake brand???

The Lady Gray said...

Look at all of the bags in the boat... and I'm guessing that by "Chinese fake brands" they just mean fake Asian spin-offs/bad translations...
"Made in china"

Anonymous said...

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taj said...

Ah, you shouldn't have reminded me of fake Apple products. I have one from Beijing along with many other fake brand products but it was crazy. Imagine an apple Ipod (4 GB) that has a user's manual translated with an ancient online translator, 128 MB capacity instead of 4 GB and headphones only working for 1 hour then they turned into mono. But it has all the Apple logos/texts that a real product would have, although the price made it obvious it was a fake. The pendrives that bought there also worked for a week or two but the fake clothes are still awesome and they also look like the real ones, the names weren't changed at all. When their industry of fake Eletronical products reaches the quality of the fake clothes, I will buy myself shitload of goods there :P

Anonymous said...

I've also been fooled by Henan Providence for buying a fake Chinese Tadano Crane 35ton for about $100,000 in 2007 and I am still suffering financially by the losses it caused me. Its really frustrating when you loss just by buying something that is completely fake not by gambling or anything ales just because of the big giant cooperation not doing their job well and allowing such pirates to carry their dirt job damaging many business and families across the world.