Thursday, June 21, 2007

Behind the Mask

Kelly Stables - The Ring

Jodelle Ferland - Silent Hill

Kane Hodd - Freddy Vs. Jason

Kelsey Grammer - X-Men 3

Michael Chiklis - The Fantastic Four

Scott Heindl - I, Robot

Andrew Divoff - Wishmaster

Robert Englund - Nightmare on Elm Street

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Fjandakornið said...

the "I robot" image is wrong...
Alan Tudyk was Sonny

da'Bit said...

Kane HoddER is also wrong, tough some people think he was the best Jason ever, he was not casted for Freddy vs. Jason because the director and the studios felt he was not big enough. They ended up casting Ken Kirzinger for this movie.

Sexy College Girl said...

Few pics are wrong but i don't mind still a very nice post :) Hats off :)

Luis Cazares said...

You missed the great performance of Hugo Weaving in V for Vendetta

Anonymous said...

hi all this is relly cool