Monday, July 02, 2007

Pit Bull and Chicks

Sweet Pit Bull - sweet dog - my baby ;) i am suprised too how sweet he is with little birds and animals. ...maybe because i got him when he was just 4 weeks old - and i even took him to movies 2 times under my sweater - he slept to whole 2 hours straight. but NOW he is so big, that his head wouldn't fit under my shirt :DDDD
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The Lady Gray said...

Pitts are naturally sweet family dogs. Any dog can be made into a killing machine like Pitts are stereotyped to be. Just certain breeds have more nasty natural capabilities, like lock jaw.

Anonymous said...

No they are not naturally sweet dogs I had a Boxer mixed with a Bulldog and she was too nice other dogs would bite her and she would not bite back I had her since she was 7 weeks then i got a pit bull at 8 weeks and she would bite anyone my boxer i tried to make her tougher and nothing worked pits are exactly how they are stereo typed and every dog can not be trained into a killing machine