Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Most Weird Russian Kids Playgrounds

This one, in Donetsk, is somehow related with Sigmund Freud.
Russian folklore in Steven King horror style. Moscow.

Cement Bee (not a bumble bee). Moscow.
Hedgehog-terminator in Eysk city. I’ll be back!
Ukrainian monsters.

We should notice, that nowadays they look much better.

Some more Moscow monsters.
The THING making THAT on a tree.
God save me!!!
Two maniacal looking heads.

Those are also from Moscow. Hey, what are they doing?
Then follow some sadistic installations from St. Petersburg:
The bear without head.
And the playground in sado-masochistic style.
Unidentified creature in Eburg city.
The next one is called “Please, don’t kill me!”
Some graffiti in Ilyichevsk.
Lomonosov monsters:
Blood thirsty owl.
Some assassin killing a goose.
The next one is indescribable.
Some brutal sculptures in Novogireevo (Moscow).

Zombie parrot.
Zombie monkey (skeleton).
This amusing hedgehog watches how his friends rape the playground.

Sculptural composition “We came for peace”.
Next come the malicious dwarfs-mutants:
Siamese twins.
Probably a dwarf-scientist.
And dancing dwarf-pervert. Come to play in our playground.
Some mysterious lithographic stone.
This giraffe with soil-pipe between legs is frightened of the furious extraterrestrial mutant.

Wooden vampire that sucks blood.
Ancient stone-cyborg in Kostroma.
Vicious gnome.
Another shot.
This one is called “The Hell Ride”.
To kill and destroy (Krasnogorsk).
Happy New Year, kids, and watch out!
Doctor “Death” in Moscow.
And those are from Dnepropetrovsk:
This mushroom is frightened of the mad doctor, that wants to operate on the pregnant wolf.

Going out of his mind hippopotamus.
Crazy crow.
Headless dragon.
Evil clown in Moscow.
And two monsters.
Wooden freaks in Dnepropetrovsk.
One more soviet robot killer.
Alligator in Kuskovo.
Mutant in Sochi.
Dragon with three heads in St. Petersburg.

And children of Tula have a good time near this.

This Stonehenge alike installation also stands near Tula.

Some ancient warrior. Now his shield is used as a bulletin board.
Squirrel in ambush and two stunned bears.

Dead girl.
Some extraterrestrial monsters cannibals in the Ukraine.

Originally it was Cheburashka, the famous Russian toy.
And this should be Kolobok, Russian folk hero.
And this is another Soviet folk hero, doctor Aibolit.
More mutants in St. Petersburg.
Some psychedelic art.

Mushroom in Vladivostok.
Some more colored monsters in Almaty.

More psychedelic art.
And this space alien stands in Moscow.
Pig in nirvana (Chelyabinsk).
So come to play with your children! You are always welcome and don’t be afraid!
Funny and Weird statues in children Russian Recreational Parks..
Source: englishrussia
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Anonymous said...

Dear amuzak
Some of your fotos are really very funny but most of these sculptures are hand made and very old. So you'd better paid your kind attention to modern american cartoons that spreadly transmited on TV chanels like Foxkids, Nicolodim and etc all day long. That is really horrible and worth of attention unlike the toys you were taking fotos off.
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

These sculptures look like they are made with love an I find them very sweet.

Play Bark said...

Great pictures I love garden sculptures there are so many designs available.

Anonymous said...

You freaks you cant do that you modern art you son of a Donkey dont understand art like i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Damn cool pics my ass

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Helena said...

the one you have listed as "Some psychedelic art" is actually an old polish nuresry rhyme by Julian Tuwim called 'The Turnip'.
It's basically about this grandpa who tried to pluck a turnip from his garden but couldn't, so he called grandma to help, and she called their grandson, and he his dog and so forth until they made this huge tug-of-war with said stubborn turnip.
Great nursery rhyme. Read them all by Tuwim if you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

you truly have a sick mind to be making fun of most of those...they are just unique and innocent, you pervert!

Thidj said...

true. I've been in Ukraine... This guy is not from there and he must be american... to say he's been in THE ukraine... asshole, their assholes thinks the same of our simpsons, garfield and disney cartoons. Finally, a place to rest without united0stater's influence

Jeremy said...

These are indeed funny place to enjoy at. I wish I could take my sister's son there. He would just feel out of the world once given a chance to play into these playgrounds. Awfully craving!

alex said...

Very nice, i like the first freudian one the best, makes me reflect on my subconcious... i would have loved spending my youngster weed smoking days in that playground. The gnomes and dwarves are really awesome and priceless pieces of heritage i feel, makes me want to attack that old tree trunk in my yard with my chisels. Kudos, but not on the titles or comments.

chanda said...

hey this is really interesting thanks for posting these pics. this (though very different) reminds me of transient carnaval rides in Mexico i have seen, quite a nightmare for a mom to watch her children get on these rides! you have inspired me to photograph them when I go back with my kids next summer! thanks to the person who posted about the turnip nursery story

Anonymous said...

Listen, YOU, "western" brainwashed freaks... you see everything through your twisted, pornographic, horror movie brainwashed, hollywood-diluted big corporation propaganda silly minds. You grew up playing evil games created to you for a sole purpose to control your minds and watching evil movies and cartoons. You eat food infested by pesticides and food ingredients that are poisonous and you get fat and bloated from it. Your brain is contaminated so badly that now you react to normal things as if they were from your sorry evil freaky world. I'm not Russian, but close, and I'm proud to have NOT grown up with the garbage that you grow/grew up on/with. I hope my comment is posted as alternative to the brainwashing of childrens minds that's going on in the "progressive" West.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with previous comment (10:56)