Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fishing Adventures In Thailand

407 lb (185 kg) Arapaima - The biggest predator fish ever caught on rod and line in the history of Southeast Asian angling

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Thailand property said...

I'm shocked! Such a big fishes! i would be very afraid to be near such a fish! I have never seen such kinds of fish. They are the same size as shark, but they live in river. I will never swim in Thailand river!

Anonymous said...

These are some awesome pictures & very damn well great catches! I'd love to experience this excitement one day. In the meantime I'd love to pursue the many great opportunities of other great big game fishes out there. Fishing is my passion. I love that adrenaline rush of a big bite. Hats off to all you fisherman & fisherwomans.

Fishing Charter said...

Wow. That fish is so big. So big that almost three people are required to hold it. It’s really a fulfilling moment to catch that kind of fish. Fishing gives excitement especially when you were with your love ones. It is nice to do fishing in a charter boat. It is better to check out for a Fishing charter these weekends.