Thursday, September 20, 2007

Largest Lobster in the World

This gigantic pink prickly lobster was caught by fishing vessel in 238 meters from the South coast of England. Its size exceeds usual lobstera approximately 5 times and is record holder both along the length - about 60 cm and by the weight - 4.2 kg.
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THE FOBS said...

OMG! that is so HUGE! wait, does it have a name?! if not, i'm naming it LOBSTER_HUMONGER! (Humongous Lobster) it can be a pro wrestler! lol! ok bye!

Peter said...

wow that is a huge lobster i would like to have it over for dinner mmmmmm lets see i will need 1 lb of butter 2lemons some chives garlic ..... well you get the picture mmmmm nice pic

LobsterQueen said...

The picture is cool, but at 4 kg, that's nowhere near a record holder in weight. The largest lobster ever caught was off Nova Scotia, and was 20.15 kg. Heck, our local aquarium has one that's more than twice as large as that - Dee Dee (at Huntsman) is over 10 kg.