Monday, November 19, 2007

Connect-the-Dots Tattoo

Colleen Venable is obsessed with giraffes (it all started when she lost a giraffe toy as a child, which sets off a 3 year hunt for that particular stuffed animal. Long story short 1,712 giraffes later, she found it!).

As part of her art project The Stalking and Murdering of a Childhood Giraffe Project, Colleen decided to get an "extremely visible invisible tattoo": a connect-the-dot tattoo of the giraffe toy. (She traced the giraffe with a pen for us all to see).
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Peter said...

Most girls develop a shoe fettish, dont tell me you have giraffe shoes too? :-] hehe.. sure got some dedication though.. and nice tatoo!! :-]

maex said...

nice style!

nettod said...

Hi Gorgeous! nice tat for a really nice girl! you should share your dreams too!


RichardMcLaughlin said...

very interesting. my next tat could be that.

SexyJenny said...

wow!! keep them cuming ;)