Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Top Ten Boxing Beauties

10. Ultimate Boxing Chicks

9. Boob Boxing
I predict boob-boxing may just be the next big thing

8. Female Boxing Knockout

7. Backyard Girl Boxing

6. Brazilian Belly Punching

5. Schoolgirl vs. Trailer Trash chick

4. Boxing Beauties Fantasy Match
This would be a dream fight. Two hot boxing blondes ! Who will win this bout??

3. Bikini Girls Wrestling
So they’re not boxing, but they are fighting and I don’t see anything wrong with that

2. Japanese Boxing Babe
I would love to fight her..

1. Knockout Queens
Oh man, I wish I knew a bar where I could go see this..

Take a look at top 10 Boxing Beauties. I guess it’s actually 20 boxing beauties since they have to have an opponent, but whatever. You know what I mean.
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AsiaVoss said...

Nice Stuff!
I ought to add them to the link list on www.Squidoo.com/FullContact!

It's perfect!

CollegeGirl said...

Nice one really enjoyed it ;)

Frida said...

Nice to know sophomoric misogyny isn't confined to Craigslist.

I give it a 1 and move on.