Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Largest Barbecue in the World

More than a thousand barbecue fanatics in Uruguay grilled up 12 metric tonnes (26,400 lbs) of beef on Sunday, setting a new Guinness world record while promoting the country's succulent top export.

Army personnel set up a grill nearly 1 mile long and firefighters lit six tonnes of charcoal to kick off the gargantuan cookout.

Some 1,250 people grilled the beef and about 20,000 spectators cried with joy when a Guinness judge confirmed the barbecue record had been broken.

The previous barbecue record belonged to Mexico and was set in 2006, but the new one crushed by the 4 extra tonnes of meat used in Uruguay.

Uruguay has entered the record books after organising the biggest barbeque in the world.

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Filósofo said...

isso que eu chamo de churrasco muito louco isso qual sera o valor gasto no evento?

Doug DuCap said...

Wow! What an amazing event...wish I'd been there!

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