Thursday, May 22, 2008

Teeth Paintings

Painting on teeth is pretty original, even if some may find them a bit disturbing. I have to say I’m pretty scared of the dentist, but if I ever have a tooth removed this is definitely what I want to do with it, turn something painful into something beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

That was way cool. How'd they do that?

Anonymous said...

I used to work for one of the biggest dental labs in the world. These pics are of man-made teeth. The folks who make crowns and dentures are artists. They use a palet of 15-20 different colors including reds and blues to "paint" the ceramics to look like real teeth...and they do! So the artistry you see on these teeth is actually much easier to create than the tooth it is on.

Anonymous said...

that is so cool! i really like the harley davidson and the rolling stones the one with the veins is a little scary though! imgaine if you could actually get them painted in your mouth and they'd paint that all over your teeth that would freak me out! ah!

Great post!