Monday, June 09, 2008

Bruno Torfs Fantasy Sculpture Garden

Artist Bruno Torf created this sculpture garden as a permanent attraction in the small Victorian village of Marysville near Melbourne, Australia. The luscious sub-alpine forests of the surrounding areas were ideal for Bruno’s settings which consists of over three hundred paintings and sculptures. The garden started out with just fifteen life size terracotta sculptures but slowly grew to over one hundred and fifteen pieces on display.

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aAmanda said...

WOW! those are amazing pieces of art. Its nice to come across something thats so original especially in these days.

Hugo said...

Awesome sculptures
it would be fucking scary, if I saw one of those at night in a forest said...

Your sculpture's reach right to the soul. You have such a beautiful gift to share with a troubled world.

Since we can't all come to you except via computer - maybe our gov'ts could be convinced an art show of your works would aid peace in the heart of all.

Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Granny D Kelowna,BC Canada

Anonymous said...

I would have never known of Bruno Torfs had it not been for the fire - I contacted some friends in Australia to see how they were getting on. They later told me of the beautiful loss. Thank you for sharing what may never be rebuilt.

Charlie Dunn

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken that this magical place built with love has been destroyed. My prayers are with everyone affected by these fires, especially Bruno Torfs.

Anonymous said...

An absolute catastrophe that they are now lost forever, because of the bushfires.

Marmie said...

“Bruno Torfs’ eerie creations appear much too lifelike to be fathomed as original artistic constructs. Fantasy figures, at once magical and foreboding, evoke another world transcending mortal imagery.

Aboriginal, mythical, Indian, bestial, and angelic creatures lurk, sinister and heavenly, amid lush fern and mossy undergrowth along a winding forest path.

Wooden flesh, creased and aged with deliberate precision, mark the formidable frozen vignettes that flank the shallow movement of a crystal ancient stream; while sinewy limbs, too perfect a semblance of human form, captivate and arouse in sensual, hypnotic illustration.

Plaintive and playful sculptures, hewn and carved, smoothed by artisan hands, inhabit an ethereal garden walk from the pages of fable and legend.

A master’s vision now lies in state amid the ashes of a mystical land ravaged.” —BJ Latas

Anonymous said...

Bruno will rebuild and replenish with the help of family, friends and other caring people. Maryville, his home town is still "closed".Please visit his website
and offer your best wishes and/or help how ever small or big,if you wish to show you care.
Thank you
Another admirer.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with anonymous. If you truely love these images please show your support by visiting his site and helping to rebuild the beauty that once was and will be again...And pass on the message!