Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Human Mirror

Improv Everywhere are back! This time they filled a subway car with identical twins, creating a human mirror. Very interesting in real life!

Notice: they are real man , no mirror.

This time around we sent out a request for identical twins. Within a day we heard from over 50 pairs. Most of the twins could not make the day and time of the mission, but we were delighted to have 8 pairs turn out, nearly all of whom had never participated in one of our missions before.

They actually did this mission a second time a few weeks later. The first attempt was a total success in terms of how it unfolded live, but our video footage wasn’t as good as we knew it could be. It’s very difficult to capture audience reaction to a mission like this in the subway while still keeping our cameras hidden. They invested in some wireless microphones and a new button camera and gave it a second shot.

I instructed the twins via email to do everything they could to look identical. They did an awesome job dressing exactly alike and matching accessories. It really was impossible to tell them apart, especially when meeting 8 pairs at the same time.

The Barrett twins both had iPhones

The Drinkwater twins matched several accessories

The Port twins

The Doro twins

The Rosenblum twins

I explained the mission to everyone. We would get on the 6 train at the start of the line at Brooklyn Bridge and the twins would sit on either side of the car, directly across from their sibling. Once in place, their job would be to mirror each other as closely as possible. If one scratches his head, so should the other. If anyone asked them what was going on, they should claim not to notice anything unusual and not to even be able to see their sibling.

The twins exit the train at 96th street

People coming down the stairs realize an army of twins is passing by

The second time around was just as much fun.

This woman saw the mirror as soon as she stepped on the train

One of the Stone brothers makes the other pick his nose

Mission Accomplished
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