Monday, October 13, 2008

Subway Art

At Toronto's Bayview subway station, shadows of common objects such as apples and ladders silk screened to the linoleum and walls framed by patches of colored tile gives the place a surreal look. Panya Clark Espinal is the artist who designed the art in the Bayview Station.

In this installation created for the Toronto Transit Commission, twenty-four hand-drawn images have been ‘projected’ onto the architecture of the station so that when seen from the original location of projection, the images are crystalized and realistic, but when seen from other locations they appear to be abstractions.

These images act as beacons, drawing the viewers along various paths of movement. Depicting everyday objects and simple geometric shapes, the images are rendered in an uncommonly large scale and in unusual orientations, allowing one to interact playfully with them as one moves through the space.

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