Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rotating House

Environment is a very popular issue nowadays so environment-friendly houses are finally becoming interesting. Domespace invented their semi-spherical houses over 30 years ago but only a few of them have been purchased and only around France, especially in Brittany, where the company is based.

The Domespace house plans were designed to optimize warmth by natural means, so the house actually turns to follow the sun and gain as much energy as it needs to keep temperature at an ideal level. If you don’t want warmth and sun-rays you can just set it to turn its windows away from the sun. You can command the engine to turn the house at a certain time or program it to do a full day rotation.

These days Domespace houses only come with an engine, but a few years ago if you wanted to buy or rent a house, you had to move them manually. I can imagine such a house for lease: “It’s a great house, spacy, full of light…only thing is you have to turn it yourself”.

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Unknown said...

The Everingham Rotating House is a house built on a turntable that can rotate 360 degrees,allowing the user to match the orientation of the home to the daily weather patterns. The house can be set up to follow the sun or to avoid the sun. It can be moved to get out of the wind or to catch the breeze. The house is relatively cheap to build due to the simple design of the electrics and plumbing and the simple nature of the rotation device.


Anonymous said...

How do you supply electicity and water in a rotating house?