Wednesday, December 24, 2008

If Other Artists Drew The Mona Lisa

Have you ever wondered what Mona Lisa would look like if she was painted by other artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol or even Matt Groening and not by Leonardo Da Vinci?

Roy Lichtenstein Version

Matt Groening Version (creator of the Simpsons)

Pablo Picasso Version

South Park Version

Andy Warhol Version

Nickelodeon Version

Camille Rose Garcia Version

Manga Version

Jackson Pollock Version
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Anonymous said...

imo manga version need more tits lol

Calvin Spealman said...

Pollock version is inaccurate, as towards the end of his career he specifically began perfecting his talents to actually form figures and portraits of women with the chaotic style he was known for, and that would make a better representation of he may have done the Mona Lisa.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the idea was comedy, not accuracy Calvin.
You fail at trying to sound smart.

Anonymous said...

LOL edumacation for the lose.

Anonymous said...

Hey Calvin?

You are making educated people look like jerks.

As an educated person WITH a sense of humor, I am asking you as nicely as I possibly can to please freaking stop it.

If you can't get the pole far enough out to actually get your own sense of humor, at least try to pry it loose enough to keep your snide condescension to yourself.

You admitted yourself that Pollock is known for the style depicted in the post, so why is it "inaccurate" to make a cheap joke in satire of that style, just because the artist also painted in a representative style?

If you want to say "Hey, I think ol' Jackson has had quite enough weak jokes like this directed at his famous pieces and I think this post would have been in better taste without going for the tired jab-at-Pollock-and-abstract-modern-art-in-general punchline at the end" then fine. You can say that all day. Can't really dispute that, if that's your opinion-- but the lecture about his later work is simply a non sequitur and an excuse to show off.

I'm not impressed that you passed art appreciation 1301. So did I, along with millions of others. Get off your high horse on the damn humor sites.

Anonymous said...

did one person make all these in aviary or was it some sort of contest on their website. and by the way rocks check it out. i didnt even know that this was sposed to be funny until i read the posts , i see it as art :)

Anonymous said...

Lol these pics are awesome