Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Shadow Graffiti

Batman Shadow Graffiti - Some very creative person noticed the shadow the crosswalk box made resembled Batman’s head so they added in his face to complete it. Very neat street art to come across while walking home at night!

ZEVS Shadows - Zevs is an almost mythological character within graffiti and street art. He owes his name to a train with the code name Zeus that almost ran him over 15 years ago, while he was tagging on the tracks in the metro. Today he is mainly known for his outlines of shadows in Paris and his so-called ‘visual attacks’ on the commercial imagery in the city.

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Anonymous said...

2 - 10 have to be photoshopped! Shadows MOVE to fast to draw that much detail.

Anonymous said...

they don't move THAT fast dumbass. But some of them do look photoshopped. Not that many of them though.

Jack said...

Looks like most of these were taken at night under street lights when shadows DON'T move!