Monday, January 19, 2009

The Jumbo Jet Hostel

When a jumbo jet dies, it’s usually sold for scrap or something. But Swedish entrepreneur Oscar Dios has a better idea for the 30-year-old junker he bought. He turned it into a hotel. Boeing 747, dubbed Jumbo Hostel, is parked outside Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

The plane had been abandoned for six years, after flying for Singapore Airlines, PanAm and the Swedish leasing company Transjet, ever since 1976.

Since it was taking up a lot of space, something had to be done about it, so Dios’ idea was accepted immediately. The Jumbo Hostel can accomodate 74 people, at the moment, in 25 simple, 70’s style rooms. The jet’s upper deck has been transformed into a conference hall, while the cockpit has been converted into a wedding chappel.

You can book a room by clicking over here.
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yedde said...

this is so cool. Rather than sending these planes to junk yards, these are renovated and made into economic hotels. Very eco-friendly too. :)