Friday, January 09, 2009

Top 10 Weirdest Restaurants

Cannibalistic Restaurant (Japan)

Condom Restaurant (Thailand)

Dark Restaurant (China)

Robot Restaurant: Run by two identical couples (China)

Medical Restaurant (Taipei)

Military-Themed 'Buns and Guns' Restaurant (Lebanon)

Restaurant in a Prison (Italy)

Restaurant in the Sky (Belgium)

Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)

Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

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High Power Rocketry said...

So strange : )

Anonymous said...

Cool!!!! I'd like to try the one up da sky!

Anonymous said...

The picture corresponding to "Giant Water Bug can" does not belong to Taiwan because the language on the can is neither Taiwanes nor Chinese-mandarin. Over all I enjoy and saw all the pictures... very nice. Thank you ^^

Anonymous said...

your weird

tarih84 said...

Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

en mantıklı seçim, diğerlerini mantığım almıyor ıyy...