Monday, January 26, 2009

Unusual System Administrator’s Office

Crisis forces employers to save office space! This system administrator was affected most…

Thats what the creator says:

History: I have two toddlers at home and they love to jack up my stuff. During the day they are loud and I can’t get any work/play done and at night I am too loud and they can’t sleep. I have been kicking this idea around for years. Last year I sold my Jeep and built a new rig and replaced my two beloved Viewsonic 19″ CRTs. I figured this was a good time to build the pod as well. I went to the Pic-N-Pull here in Reno and nabbed a captain’s chair out of a date rape van. I used that and some milk crates to mock up how I wanted the pod laid out. Everything was built to proportions of my body. The center of the screen is at eye level. The KB/mouse shelf slides in and out for a perfect fit. The chair slides in and out as well, plus it reclines. I have 5.1 surround sound. The whole thing is made of ¾ HDF (the same stuff as speaker boxes for those in the know) and no matter how loud I get you can hardly hear anything outside the box. as would be expected you can’t keep a gaming rig in a cabinet and I installed a blower tyoe fan to cycle the air; it works very well. the bottom compartment was for a server that I had build but the 7 hard drives were too loud so I just left it empty.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny.
Great for keeping people away, but it could be awful if you've the door closed and someone who's irate comes and bangs on it!

Can't be claustrophobic, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a whack-off chamber. Ewwww... is that a spot on the chair???

office administrator said...

Looks Like Funny!! Such Arrangement useful for saving space!!