Thursday, March 05, 2009

Atheist Now Accepts Intelligent Design

The bacterial flagellum is a molecular-scale mechanical rotary motor. No human nanotechnology can yet match its exquisite precision. Now some scientists are beginning to have doubts about the theory of evolution and embrace a new theory that an intelligent being must be designing all the biological forms of planet Earth.

Alternative thinking from the video by Potholer. What do you think, science or bogus?
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De Mar said...

This proves nothing. This is nothing but opinion. Just because a few people are unable to explain something that means we are supposed to throw science out the window? I think not.

If this proves that God designed everything, then it also proves that he wants us to get sick and suffer. WTF!

Doc said...

It's absolute bunk. Anyone using the "irreducible complexity" argument understands neither evolution or biology.

The whole flagellum thing has been thoroughly debunked - in fact it played a substantial part in the Dover trial that struck down the teaching of ID in public schools.

See TalkDesign for all sort of articles debunking ID

Anonymous said...

"Now some scientists are beginning to have doubts about the theory of evolution"

As wikipedia would say, "[Citation needed]".

But good luck, because you won't find a single one. ID is just creationism in a new, cheap suit.

aluchko said...

ID is about as bunk as you can get. The entirety of creationist/ID science consists of stuff that can be confusing at first, but becomes clear upon study, and trying to add as much additional confusion as possible.

Every high profile creationist/IDer I've seen has been highly dishonest, every damn time. Some of the stuff seems legit on the surface, but the only way they can keep backing it once you start digging is by repeatedly lying.

Adrian said...

Yep, God exists and His chosen species aren't humans but E. Coli. I know people say God doesn't intervene to stop disease or wars but we aren't looking closely. God does intervene, he's just on the side of the viruses. All hail our microscopic overlords!

Unknown said...

Richard Dawkins tears apart the "bacteria flagella motor as proof of intelligent design" theory very well in "The God Delusion". Go read it.

Grae BG said...

Not only that, but it's been shown multiple times that flagella aren't "irreducibly complex" and scientists have pointed to other structures that make it up.

Matt D. said...
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Matt D. said...

I've retracted my previous comment as Potholer's own comment on the video is a better summation than I gave...hopefully people who didn't get it, will:

This video is not sarcasm, it is parody and dramatic irony.

Only a tiny minority missed the point, so for their sake, the premise is this: Of all the things creationists could have used as the icon of Intelligent Design (they're all equally flawed), they chose something that gives us typhoid, cholera and stomach cancer. Hence the irony.

If creationists do indeed mistake this for a creationist video, thats the idea. Because while most creationist videos describe the wonderful design of the flagellum and stop there, leaving viewers satisfied that their deity must be the designer, I continue with a description of what the flagellum actually does it pushes a bacterium into childrens guts and subjects them to an agonizing death. I imagine that as the video continues, the satisfaction of creationist viewer changes to discomfort, then puzzlement.


My favorite part, by the way occurs at about 4:45. Ken Miller finishes a clear and brilliant explanation of the function of the bacterial flagellum after we've removed some of its parts and Potholer says "But there's a very good argument that absolutely refutes this...." and then, silence. It was a brilliant parody of those who assert, without supporting evidence.

Anonymous said...

Haha brilliant!

Nice work. I love the ID arguments like "because I don't understand how this evolved, then it MUST be a god".


Anonymous said...

A loving God who cares about us made salmonella?


aluchko said...

@Matt D

The trouble with trying to parody IDiots is they're already completely ridiculous.

Alan said...

wasn't that voice familiar... Folks this is a tongue-in-cheek fallacy-filled poe from a 'godless comedian'. It's cutting subtlety is what makes this such a great vid.

It does seem quite confusing, but basically, the message is "God must exist, because bacteria is so great at causing disease!"

No, Pat Condell has not become religious. Let's use a bit of skepticism and think about this. I especially liked his rebuttal of Ken Miller's well known terrific demonstration of the reducible nature of the flagellum: "There's a good refutation of this", then he didn't give any evidence at all! This is pretty much what 'internet christains' do.

I'll be reposing this wonderful bait over at my blog... I wonder what we can reel in...

Anonymous said...


"Anyone using the "irreducible complexity" argument understands neither evolution or biology."

You maybe haven't read The Design Matrix.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it annoying as hell when creationists get more "ammo"? It is absolutely irresponsible to credit God for anything and everything you don't understand yet.