Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Luxury Holidays in Goa, India

It may seem strange, but tourists sunbathe on the beaches of Goa, India along with cows. Because cows are sacred animals, it is difficult to banish them from this beach, which they like for some reason. Tourists, on the other hand, are in the worst position because they cannot swim and sunbathe comfortably and cannot upset the feelings of the locals.

Good informative photos, especially for those who wants to go there on vacation.

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watzabatza said...

Haha, since I was a kid, even on pic, I never see like this. Only now as I open this site..

I thought only human go to the beach and have sun-bathing..

and of course, a cows too :-D

erno said...

Kmon... If it was in real India, women had to cover themselves with something... like a sari or some other kind of cloth. Even visiting ones, like tourists. (Sawn at river-cleaning procedure when everyone is in the Big River and is clean of sins after coming out).
Think about it: you go onto a luxury holiday and cows are on your beach. And bulls. On your own money. For let's say $ 300-600 (close to LUXURY category) a day.
India can't afford something like this. Even "Amazing India" can't.
Everything (includind cows' visit there) was calculated and written into your program. You (payer) agreed to find clean towels in your room and cows on your beach. So, where's the problem ?

Anonymous said...

In Poland normal this. Not only on beach. It suffices to look in TV. Myself holy cow...

Vivek said...


Vivek said...

Hey you fag.. Tell me did you go to Goa yourself.. en all you did was look for cows in the beach to shoot them is it? I ve been to GOa so many times myself.. never seen cows like that in the beach.. Its not that I didn notice.. just didn see it. .. Hwer, where the fuck are you from ..? WHy is it that you fuckers like to shove shit always.. Didn you see anything else there. fine Hindus think cows are sacred but that dosn mean that we let them anywhere en evrywhere. En only the rural parts of India see things like cows on roads . You morons find this amusing. Look at this minion of yours 'erno' he is has commented.. jobless fucks have nothing else to do in life is it? " big river clean off the sins" things like this are follwed by ppl who are stil stuck to the meaning less parts of the culture.. All the religons have some illogicality in them.. Tel me wht your religion Ill point them out for you. If you really wana know about India just google it .. google goa en read more. Before you fuckin comment on public forums. even better .. stay the fuck away. I dont expect you to post this.. Just a lil msg to you from an Indian.

Anonymous said...

Vivek....I don't think this person was meaning to be offensive by posting these photos. Nor was he making fun of Goa, the Hindu religion or Indian people in general. As a person with limited knowledge of such a beautiful country, the various diverse states and the people, I found these photos unique and interesting.

Why would you represent yourself and your country in such a manner by using such horrid and foul language? I recently met a person from Goa and he was telling me how beautiful it is there. I did in fact Google it and I came across some wonderful information about this state and the images were just stunning! Beautiful! The photos posted in this blog were not meant to belittle Goa or it's people...it was just highlighting an aspect that may be of interest to outsiders such as myself.

Why not be a little less close-minded and take these pictures for what they are...JUST PICTURES? And a much better way to speak for yourself and your country is not by being so vulgar in language and offensive in tone. Simply tell us that there is more to see and point in the right direction. You will find that there wil be far more people willing to listen to you!

Jenn. :o)

Anonymous said...

Vivek , you seem like an angry man with some personal issues , I happen to like the photos and when I get to India I sure hope we don't meet , you make a lousy Representative.