Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Referee Slaps Football Player, Gets Chased Around The Pitch

As far as i can gather,the referee is Russian,the game is in Turkey and the player gets decked,well he makes it look that way...:).

Amazing stuff for an oscar, but in the end, the ref has to go off the pitch after all the players chase him round the field.
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KallAngo® said...

Well, I hate soccer, but from what I can hear at the beginning of the video, I think that the game eh here in my country ( Brazil ) and not in Turkey or Russia.

Is someone shouting desperately calling the police.

I said I hate football? It is, I hate football!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely not in Turkey, it's in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this video was made in Brazil. The man who talk onde the microfone is talking in portuguese.