Tuesday, April 28, 2009

English Alphabet Found on Google Earth

A 32-year-old Australian graphic designer has spent 6 months trawling images of Australian state of Victoria on Google Earth to create a geographical alphabet.

From an A-shaped field to a Z-shaped building Rhett Dashwood has managed to find each letter of the alphabet.

"I found them exactly as you think I might have", Dashwood said. "Slowly moving from page to page over the maps and visually scanning".

"I did it in my spare time — it was better than doing a sudoku," he added, somewhat dryly. "I set a little puzzle for myself."

Mr Dashwood said the most troublesome letters were those where diagonal lines need to meet with other lines, like K, R, W, and Z. However he managed to find appropriate geographical feature for each one including a B-shaped grass area and harbour shaped like a G.

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