Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Obama Sushi by Ken Kawasumi

The awarded sushi chief Ken Kawasumi from Tokyo Sushi Academy won the recent championship in Chiba with Obama-themed sushi rolls plate.

Obama's skin was made from amis (small shrimp), hair made from black sesame, fish paste - teeth. Creating the American flag Chief Ken used red tuna with raw squid for white color.

Well, maybe it is really tasty but will it share the fate of recent cartoon?

The Japan Foundation in Sydney hosts a night of Sushi making with visiting chef Ken Kawasumi. He presents his unique style of art using sushi as the medium.
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Anonymous said...

thats just a bit creepy

Political Promos Blogger said...

Haha, that's more than "just" a bit creepy, Anonymous. It is hard to imagine another president getting made out of sushi, but with all the Obama obsessives in the world I guess this was sort of inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Haterism is a sickness.
Get well soon.