Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tree Kangaroo

Have you ever known about their existence? Very cute animals that are considered endangered! It is understood that tree-kangaroos evolved from creatures similar to modern kangaroos and wallabies, as they retain many standard macropod adaptations to life in the plains—notably the massive hind legs and long, narrow feet which allow orthodox macropods to travel fast and economically on the ground. Tree-kangaroos have developed exceptionally long tails for balance, and stronger forelimbs for climbing. The feet are shorter and wider, they have longer claws on all feet, and rubbery soles for better grip.

Image credit: flickr

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mahuya said...

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James said...

Wow.. these are fantastic pics. I have never seen tree cangaroo, i am glad to see this pics. Very very thanks for these.

hilary said...

maaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa

dave said...

thank you for these pictures ....great stuff