Monday, May 11, 2009

Volcano Surfing in Nicaragua

A group of thrill-seekers have developed a 'hot' new adrenaline sport called 'volcano boarding', in which participants race at speeds of up to 50mph down the side of an active volcano.

Phillip Southan is the young owner of Green Pathways Tour, the company that organizes volcano surfing sessions on Cerro Negro, one of Nicaragua’s most active and dangerous volcanoes.

Dressed in protective gear, adrenalin-junkies climb 726 meters up Cerro Negro and slide down on specially-built plywood boards. Southan admits there is a chance the young volcano could erupt, but says the biggest danger is the volcano surfers might fall off the board and injure themselves.

The volcano surfing tour has only been around for 4 years, but 10, 000 people have already participated.

Source: telegraph
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Timpo said...

yea its been around for years...when my ancestors invented it in Hawaii! Please just give us the credit, you didn't invent this.