Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celebrity Microscope

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Luis said...


Julie said...

This is just messed up. Oh my God, famous people don't have perpetually flawless nail polish or spend every moment of the day waxing! Oh my God, upper lip hair! Stretch marks! It's the apocalypse ...or it might just be human bodies. And of course, the people shown are overwhelmingly female, as women, famous or not, are subjected to countless unreasonable and impossible standards of beauty that men are never even made to think about.

Deadbaby said...

omg, these are just normal people, why should they be perfect?
Like noone else has a litl bit upper lip hiar -_-'
and you know, ones you'll have wrinkles too. like you won't get old -_-'.
It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

very boring...

Mary C. Müller said...


O pessoal de cima já disse tudo.



The oyher persons already said everything.