Thursday, June 04, 2009

Clown Funeral - Its Tragically Hilarious

Seemed like a catchy title, but there’s really nothing hilarious about it, just tragic and bizarre.

These photos were taken at the Fairview Cemetery, in Springfield, where 79-year-old Norman Thompson, member of the Antioch Shrine Funster Clown Unit, was buried, on May 29. His clown-friends dressed up for the occasion and honored Norman, for the last time.

It looks bizarre, I know, but I was reading about this on the web, and found out that this is a tradition for clowns and magicians. Apparently this is the way they show their respect to their fallen colleagues.

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Alice Jones said...

WOW!!!! What a nice pics. I really impressed it. It's really tragically hilarious...... I appreciate your work and time. Thanks.

Timbadim the Clown said...

As a Clown for over 10 years there is no other honour than have people wear their Clown outfits to say farewell, It's like when a soldier or police officer dies, everyone wears their uniform to say farewell, they happen all over the world and most of the times they are Clown Doctors or linked in with large Clown Organizations or Circuses.