Friday, June 26, 2009

LEGO Jesus

A church in Vasteras, Sweden has a 6-foot LEGO statue representing Jesus, watching over the parishioners.

The all-white LEGO Jesus took 30,000 LEGO bricks and roughly 18 months to complete. 40 volunteers worked on the statue, a replica of Bertel Thordvadsen’s “Resurrected Christ” sculpture. This amazing LEGO masterpiece was unveiled on Easter day and many of the children just had to touch it and make sure it’s real.

Although LEGO Jesus is all-white on the outside, many colored bricks are placed on the statue’s inside. Another incredible thing about this thing is that it is not hollow on the inside.

Source: legojesus
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Shirin said...

It's actually "Västerås". The signs above the letters are important, since they indicate a whole different letter and sound.

Dave said...

It doesn't look like the statue is six feet tall. In the second picture the kid's head is level with the statue's waist when the statue is on a pedestal. If the kid were up there on the pedestal with the statue he would almost be the same height.

Tommy said...

Dave: Must be something with the perspective, because it is six feet...