Thursday, June 04, 2009

Unusual Canned Foods From Around The World

All cultures around the world eat canned meat because it is an easy and safe way to preserve it. But their contents, which can often be seen on can labels may be very strange. Check out 72 of the most unusual, questionable, or just plain gross canned foods on the planet.



Turkey Chunks

A whole chicken


Chopped Chicken Livers


Fish (and water creatures):

Mackerel in Miso sauce

Whale in curry sauce

Frog legs in a spicy curry sauce

Crocodile in curry sauce

Green crocodile curry

Scandinavian jellied fish

Jellied eels

Squid in brine

Baby Conch

Fish Balls

Mei Fish

Roasted Eel

Cajun Style Alligator


Beef tripe with milk

Longhorn Beef


Processed Beef

Russian Beef

Finely Ground Beef

Beef Dish

Chunked Beef

I'm guessing it's beef, because there is a cow on the front

Beefsteak and Kidney Pie


I'm assuming these are pork hot dogs. They could be beef or chicken, or a mixture. Either way they come in brine.

Baked Ham

Pork brains. Check out the cholesterol

Ground Pork

Russian Pork Can

Canned Ham

Stewed Pork

Looks like Chinese Pork

Canned Bacon

Finely Ground Pork

Wild Boar Pate

Deviled Ham

Pork Pudding

Sliced Bacon

Magnificent Pork Meatballs in Gravy

America's favorite, Spam


Silk Worm Pupae

Weaver Ant Eggs

Roasted Crickets with Eggs

BBQ Flavored Bamboo Worms

Brown Curry Mole Crickets

Preserved Giant Waterbugs

Preserved Black Scorpians, in a jar

Smokey BBQ Roasted Scorpians

Beaver or snail? Snail


Lamb Tongues


Misc Meat:

Reindeer Pate

Quail Eggs


Potted Meat No Frills

Smoked Rattlesnake

Fish Hotdogs i think

Vienna Sausage


Breakfast Meat, dont know exactly

Some kind of misc meat



Roadrunner Meat

Cocktail Weiners in BBQ Sauce


Meat Pudding
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James said...

great blog, that must have took a lot of effort.

Swede said...

the "Scandinavian jellied fish" isn't jellied at all, it's swedish fermented herring, famous for it very foul smell.

Anonymous said...

found this on Leenks, I saved the canned tripe in Milk. nice one.

Anonymous said...

This is not unusual
Magnificent Pork Meatballs in Gravy, is typical in Europe, this is similar an hamburguer but with rounded form
Wild Boar Pate, smeared in bread, it is very good, is typical of the Spanish snacks; and typical in France and others countries.
Canned Ham, is the same of Ham york. The most common and current of the supermarket

Anonymous said...

when I find another can of "spotted dick" I'll send that to you. Good job in collecting this rare selection.

Anonymous said...

Smoked Rattlesnake looks good...,i'd like it to taste

Unknown said...

Ive eaten bout 7 items listed!! tripe in milk my fav!!

Anonymous said...

(Fish Hotdogs i think)


Anonymous said...

I know I'm totally late on this article, but the Korean can under "Drumsticks" is not actually drumsticks. It says 소갈비탕, which says that it's a soup with ribs (beef). I'd guess it's probably got chunks of beef in a rich broth from bones.