Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fake iPhone 3G is Inspected

This video shows an example of an 'iPhone' from China. They've done a pretty good job of copying the hardware and the software looks similar but is almost unusable.

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pulsa elektrik said...

Oh my god..the box and the battery it's very similiar with my sister iphone, but with the different series, the first time she told me about the price, i'm a lil bit sceptic and curious, and than i check the iphone 3Gs, the outside appearance very convincing, but the software i'm sure..

Anonymous said...

dont buy it as i just brought one and the lock button on the top which is also the on/off button breaks very easily and then disables the locking of your phone it also has no warranty which means you cant send it off to get fixed overall the phones apps were actually good but phone is just a cheap fake