Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pet Airways - Airlines for Pets

A new airline for pets is taking off with weekly flights to five airports across the country. Beginning July 14, Pet Airways is flying pets to and from Baltimore/Washington International; Midway in Chicago; Rocky Mountain Airport in Broomfield, Colo., near Denver; Hawthorne Municipal Airport near Los Angeles; and Republic Airport on Long Island serving the New York City metro area.

The airline allows cats and dogs to travel in carriers in the main cabin of the plane, rather than the cargo hold. While some airlines allow small animals to fly in the cabin as long as their carriers fit under the seats, Pet Airways has no limit on size.

The carrier will not transport human passengers other than crew and attendants to care for the animals during flights. Pet owners will have to fly separately.

One-way fares start at $149. Many of the flights on the airline's limited initial itinerary are already booked full with a waiting list depending on the animal's size.

To prevent pets from getting sick, there won't be any beverage or snack service.

Source: huffingtonpost
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Anonymous said...

WHAT AN AWESOME IDEA... i am so very glad somebody has decided to do this! :)