Friday, August 07, 2009

5 Perfect Places To Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping isn’t a sport for the faint of heart or those afraid of heights but it can be a thrilling experience if you are willing to take the plunge. Free-falling from a tall structure while connected with a large elastic cord and seeing the ground getting closer and closer, that’s what bungee jumping is all about. The whole body gets filled with adrenaline and the experience is unique.

Bungee jumping was invented following a David Attenborough documentary in the 1950s, notorious badass that he is.

Bungee locations have sprung up across the world since then, and we've found five of the world's best.

5. Europabrucke Bridge, Austria – 630 feet (192 m)

4. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa – 708 feet (216 m)

3. Verzasca Dam, Switzerland – 720 feet (220 m)

2. Macau Tower, China – 760 feet (233 m)

1. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado, USA – 1,053 feet (321 m)

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Los Monos Bichis said...

No, 'pos a mi si me faltan huevos para aventarme de esos bungees.

Chris Wellons said...

I thought that dam looked familiar. It's where James Bond jumped from in GoldenEye.