Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cheap Gadgets and Free Shipping at Budget Gadgets

Lots of cool looking gadgets can be bought online. Some of you probably get them from eBay too. However, there are not many out there who give a free shipping service to your purchase, even if the purchase is only worth $2.

I recently stumbled on a site called Budget Gadgets and found my way browsing through the list of gadgets they provide. The site is of a simple design that provides easy access to the categories and also any information you need for shopping on their site. If you are tight on budget but would love to buy cool looking gadgets, you can also browse them by price.

Now, a limited time offer for all of Damn Cool Pics readers:

Use this coupon code on any purchase: SM5OFF15, and you will receive a 5% discount.

Some Cool looking lighters:

Budget Gadgets Packaging

Honestly, this is probably the only time I’ve ever experienced a packaging so neatly & tightly done! Even the cables (for the USB hub and iPod Nano docking station I ordered) were tightly wrapped and secured.

Source: BudgetGadgets
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