Monday, August 31, 2009

Heaven Of Delight - Bug-Infested Art Ceiling

Artist Jan Fabre spent four months (with his 29 assistants) gluing 1.6 Million Buprestidae beetles on the ceiling of the Royal Palace in Brussels to create the Heaven of Delight.

Jan Fabre says he began with smaller projects and surfaces to see what him and his team could come up with and the result is this very unusual ceiling decor.

Since beetles are a non-protected species, it was easy for Jan and his team to gather the jeweled beetles from universities and countries like Thailand where beetles are considered a delicacy.

Source: killerdirectory
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Anonymous said...

thats gotta stink in a while.. :S lol

Anonymous said...

Jeeesus H. Chirst! And NOBODY protested??? Because those are not protected bugs??? Neither are rats! So, he could have glued them on the ceiling! How can ANYONE do something THAT STUPID???

Anonymous said...

this easiness by which artists abuse and kill animals is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Uh... GROSS.

Anonymous said...

dear all,
you have no idea what you are writting under about. Giving opinion to quickly on something you dont know about, is pointless, and nobody would have any use of it. By the way, those animals are daily eaten in restaurants of few asian countries, and artist use it shells. Keep in mind that this kind of articles are also written (in certain way) to make some noise about some peaces and are giving you only the information that are ment to controverse etc etc. hope you think twice.
All best