Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How Sapphires Are Found In Madagascar

A small village in the region Ilaka in Madagascar is the home for a sapphire site and it is the source of half the production of sapphires in the world. Illegal miners work here in conjunction with large-scale productions.

All sapphire businesses here operate almost without any control, in an atmosphere of “Wild West” with its lawlessness and crime.
According to official studies, 19 thousands of children out of 21 who live there are working in sapphire mines.

Source: boston
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Anonymous said...

The gem is very beautiful, but this hard work that children do is gross!

Anonymous said...

Do they really do that? It seem's cruel for all those children to do the work. And I want to know if they get a profit from this. If they did it should be large considering that it's the site for about half the notaion's sapphire jewelery.

Anonymous said...

Poor children. I wouldn't want to work so hard for a couple of specks of jewels.