Friday, August 07, 2009

Jessica Nigri in a Pokemon Costume

For those of you who don't know who she is, she's the girl who dressed up as Pikachu at Comic-con. But not like the normal Pikachu we're used to seeing.... a very sexy version as you can see from the picture. So what happens when a girl like Jessica Nigri appears dressed like this in a convention full of geeks like Comic-Con? Besides making most of us (girls included) drool and get some cravings about playing pokemon, it is pretty obvious that most of you want to see more of her. So here's more pictures of her in her Pikachu Costume and some new pictures of her in a very hot Zanagoose costume as well as a brief video of her dressed as Rikku!

Jessica Nigri is a professional model that loves video games.

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Anonymous said...

If she really liked video games, she would have a profile

Anonymous said... Her blog :b


Anonymous said...


It's a yellow bra, a yellow belt and a yellow skirt with some generic black thigh highs. The only part she even made was the tail and ears and that's pretty halloween-cheesy if you ask me. I've seen hot woemn who actually put WORK into their costumes. You don't have to be tacky to be attractive.

She's cute, but that's it.

Unknown said...

Jessica Nigri looking gorgeous in Pokemon dress.yesterday i download Pokemon season 2. Season 2’s opening episode ‘A Scare in the Air’ was first aired on 1-8-2000. Pokemon series finished up its second season with the episode ‘The Rivalry Revival’ aired on 10-14-2000.

Anonymous said...

bonerific! I love her big tits.

jessicanigrifan said...

Actually her blog is there are more photos there and latest cosplays O_O

Anonymous said...

I just came in my pants... Holy woot! She should be doing pr0n :p Droooool!

Anonymous said...

She is dressed as a male pikachu
her tail is not cut like a female's tail
just google it

Anonymous said...

Nothing cute about some chic with fried hair with 2 penises coming out of her head, lol... She definitely thinks she's cuter than she is. From what I read, I was expecting a hot chick.... Very disappointed. Also, I agree with previous comment, cheap (not in the good way) looking costume.

Unknown said...

She ranked as number 1 hottest Girls in Sexy Pokemon Costumes on ranker. For me She's cute but not that Hot.