Monday, August 10, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

Miss Universe 2009 contest will be held on Bahamas on August the 23th. But you can choose your favorite girl right now. So what do you think, who will be the Miss Universe 2009?

Miss Albania

Miss Bulgaria

Miss Bahamas

Miss France

Miss Italy

Miss Venezuela

Miss Guatemala

Miss Iceland

Miss Poland

Miss Canada

Miss Paraguay

Miss Bolivia

Miss Argentina

Miss Netherlands

Miss Mexico

Miss Brazil

Miss Costa Rica

Miss Salvador

Miss Singapore

Miss Russia

Miss Malaysia

Miss USA

Miss Finland

Miss Thailand

Miss Japan

Miss UK

Miss Spain

Miss Peru

Miss Germany

Miss Panama

Miss Switzerland

Miss Norway

Miss Ireland

Miss Cyprus

Miss Columbia

Miss Vietnam

Miss Sweden

Miss China

Miss Puerto Rico

Miss Belgium

Miss Israel

Miss Dominican

Miss Ecuador

Miss Nicaragua

Miss Philippines

Miss Honduras

Miss Indonesia

Miss Curacao

Miss Estonia

Miss Ukraine

Miss Paraguay

Miss Croatia, Miss Curacao, Miss Ecuador, Miss Canada, Miss Czech Republic

Miss Norway, Miss Turks and Caicos, Miss Romania
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Kinga said...

where's miss hungary?

Anonymous said...

Miss Bahamas looks hungry. :P

A lot of these women start looking the same with few exceptions. America's the only one with obviously fake knockers.

I'm glad some countries have curvy, beautiful women rather than so many of the twigs pushed out by others.

Anonymous said...

where's miss Australia??

Anonymous said...

why is not here miss HUNGARY???

Nealon said...

Think lika almost everyone looks like Miss "Hungery"

Anonymous said...

miss ukraine looks like a porn star from the 80s

Palin said...

Ouch - i really cant decide - very beautyful women...

Unknown said...

Gotta go with Iceland in this lot!

Anonymous said...

i dont know why miss thailand is in the top 15 in the Miss U Website. Some people want her to be side by side with Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines, but her beauty is just not in that level.

ryan said...

i actually like miss malaysia but its just i wasn't able to see her yet in the other competitions. miss turkey is also beautifull. watch them live here on awarding night. see you there

Anonymous said...

miss columbia gonna make it ,she is my choice

Anonymous said...

Miss Indonesia is the best! and she is no.1 now... love her beauty and her intelligence..

Anonymous said...

some look too anorexic looking, but i guess its all in the face people wanna see