Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vladimir Putin - Man of Action

Pretty much as Indiana Jones, Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s routine is all about hunting, fishing, walking, swimming, riding horses, driving a mini submarine, placing tracking devices on wild animals, doing martial arts, posing in planes and with a gun…etc. Ok it may be not his daily routine but the guy wants to show that he is still tough.

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Mastergo said...


Anonymous said...

he's also a corrupt dictator and the one in control of Russia. Medvedev is just a puppet.

Irina said...

oh, really?? u so smart! haha
привет из России.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt dictator? What on Tellus are you talking about? Yes he's in control of Russia.And yes many think he's more in charge than Medvedev , But don't forget that the Russians got both Prime minister AND President.So go to hell you Nazi-bastard!

Anonymous said...

@the Anonymous comunist idiot:

Are you for real ? Putin is an imbecile who drools about big Russia and Cold War era, meaning he is ready to kill millions just for an ideea.

He also just falsified the elections, he would've been at best 25%.

P.S. For modern world, Putin = Retard.

P.P.S. And Nazi hehe...why they were bastards again ? Cause they wanted to get rid of comunists/jews/gypsies ? Sorry but thats a good thing for me, not bad :D

Anonymous said...

you people make me ashamed to be human. extreme left and extreme right lead to the same result. senseless death. history will teach you guys nothing. this segment of thinking has been repeated over and over again. you are just brain dead children that only question what you don't understand and not what you where already taught.

DUKE NUKEM said...