Thursday, September 10, 2009

Broom Stands Up All By Itself At A Consignment Shop

Buzz about a broom standing upright and unsupported at a downtown Prattville business is sweeping the town.

Several hundred people have stopped by Vintage Blu, a yet-to-be-opened consignment shop, since the phenomenon was discovered Thursday. Dozens of theories to explain what's going on have been thrown out. There must be glue on the bristles of the broom, or there are magnets in the floor working in concert with the buildings electrical system, or maybe ... just maybe ... it's something from beyond at work.

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Unknown said...

did you see how she smacked it on the floor when she left it standing? it spreads the fibers and that's how it "stands". i have been able to do this since i was 10 years old. "the holy spirit"? puleeeze.

Anonymous said...

People today are so ignorant when we think that we know it all because of the internet. I spent some time with a man that made straw brooms the old fashioned way. No broom left his shop unless it could stand on its bristles. This was proof that the bristles were trimmed properly and would perform well. Now, some wackadoo makes a vid and wants to call it the Holy Ghost, like God doesn't have anything to do but stand up brooms.

Anonymous said...

If you stand your brooms up now they will stand also!