Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cat Walkways

Creative design, i am sure your cat is going to love this walkway.

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Anonymous said...


Cospefogo said...

Cool? This is not cool... this is atonishingly COOL! Unbelievable cool! Wonderful! Amazing.

We will be moving to a new apartment soon and I really want to create a similar environment to our 7 cats.

Loved the pics! Thanks for the ideas!

Queen Mab said...

WAY AWESOME!! I've dreamt of things like this, but who do I contact to make it a reality? The walkways that are wrapped 360* around are best, giving kitty a chance to hang on to the carpet in the event of a gravity disturbance event. ;) Far, far beyond cool!! Thanks to all who contributed!!
And Cospefogo, thanks for making me feel better, I only have 4 in my pride! =^..^= What do you pay in pet deposits in an apt?

clodya said...

I am contemplating on doing this when I get back home. This is Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Cat people scare me.

j. said...

oh hells yeah, this is a great idea (and exactly why i haven't put any shelves up in my apartment). My place is tiny, and Sashimi will go nuts for it. Off to the hardware store I go.