Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Photoshop Fail

Another collection of incredible Photoshop disasters.

Microsoft Poland: At Least They Left The Asian Guy In.

Officials in Toronto felt that the family in this group shot didn't reflect the area's ethnic mix. So they ineptly pasted a stock image of a smiling black man over the father's face.

Where is the dudes reflection?

How many identical pigeons can you see on this picture?

Spider-Man: Meets Squid Boy.

She looks like she is an avatar from some online reality game.

What’s up with his hair?

German Supermarket: Crop Marks? Where are the Crop Marks?

The size of a CD is way too exaggerated.

A cartoon boy.

Glamour: Even The Instruments Are Fake.

Victoria's Secret: Secret Turns Out To Be Elephantiasis.

Maxim: The Pond Of Implausibility.

Mystery Meat: Knee To No Basis.

MarieClaire: Worst Hand Job Ever.

New Look: Show A Little Leg.

We Broke The Cycle.

La Senza: It's A Crime To Print It.

Natural Muscle: Stumped!

Miss Switzerland: Half Itty Car Condensed.

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Marrock said...

You should at least credit http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/ since you took just about every image they had on their site for this post.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, because I honetsly can't help it, that film (Heavy Petting) is actually rather good. Though, yes, definately, that DVD cover makes me want to get a pair of scissors and make sure those 'shoppers never procreate.

pyaolyangshen said...

i kind of wish people took extra shots and just got it right the first time. "photoshopping" is easily spotted and made a norm. beh.