Friday, September 18, 2009

The Roadkill Artist: Made Out of Dead Animals

Adam Morrigan, a British artist from Gloucestershire, Britain, creates works of art from roadkill and actually sells some of them

Adam is one of the most unusual artists on the planet. He makes a living creating and selling artworks made from the carcasses of dead animals he finds around his house. He often cooks and eats the roadkill he finds, but what he can’t eat, he turns into fashion accessories or pieces of dead art.

So far he has created over 30 roadkill art pieces, including bags made out of the body of a fox or a deer, calf-skin rugs, feather hats and even framed carcasses. It’s not something I’d buy for my art collection (if I had one), but apparently people are crazy about this roadkill art. Adam Morrigan’s pieces start at a few thousand pounds, but he’s sold a few with as much as 50,000 pounds.

Source: telegraph
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Korso19 said...

How would man like it if someone went to the cemetery and made art out of his dead body. People should have some respect for the dead, even if they are animals!

Anonymous said...

Roadkill? A fish? Huh?

Matthew Trimnell said...

@Korso19 Anyone who makes a comment with the phrase "respect for" does not have the courage to face reality and is terrified of their own shadow. EVERYTHING dies, period. It is the cycle of life. And yes, there are artists out there that do make things out of dead humans. At least one I know of that uses human bones to make jewelry ( and another that photographs cadavers and body parts (Joel-Peter Witkin, So, open your eyes, think for yourself, and don't be such a pansy about reality. Life is risk. Take one once in awhile.

Abigail said...

I find it very sad that this man is being judged so rashley. just because a creature is dead does not make its body any less beautiful. this artist is just taking the beauty in these animals and bringing it back to life. i am very happy that there are more artists like me. thank you for being so bold and posting your works :)

Abigail said...

I find it very offensive that so many people just assume that the use of dead creatures is a crime, or an act of violence or disrespect. these animals are beautiful even in death and as an artist that also uses these beautiful creatures in her art i am very happy that others are being more opened minded about this. and yes my grandmother is taxidermied. at body world so yes i would do the same to my own grandmother