Friday, October 16, 2009

Nick Scott: The Wheelchair Bodybuilder

Nick 'The Beast' Scott is the foremost promoter of wheelchair body building. In August of 1998 Nick was involved in a freak road accident that left him with a broken back and a damaged spine, requiring titanium rods to be vertically bolted to his spine. Diagnosed as paraplegic, Nick was told he would never walk again. After ballooning to 300 pounds, Nick was determined to prove his doubters wrong. First mastering power-lifting, in 2006 he competed in his first wheel chair body building competition. Four years later he has competed in 33 shows, and in 2008 became the USA Heavyweight Wheel Chair Champion. Now weighing 183 pounds and bench pressing 450 pounds, Nick's next dream is to form a professional wheelchair body building division at the International Federation for Body Building championships.

Source: gettyimages
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CupHolderGuy said...


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PS Nick's beastly, but the spray-on tan, does it really need to be that dark? Really?

Paul said...

I agree with CupHolderGuy.
Does he really need the colour to prove he is something else in the world of the paraplegic?

Anonymous said...

Bodybuilders use spray-on tan to even the field as darker skin picks up the light better and thus gives darker skinned people an unfair advantage. That said it is gay as hell...

Anonymous said...

Tan is tan... he is doing a great job. why must everybody somment something negative and forget the posetive in this, He is a inspiration for many out there.. Who are you inspiration for?