Monday, November 09, 2009

The Most Unusual Graves and Tombstones

Have you ever thought about how you might want to be remembered after you die, or what is going to mark your grave? Maybe you want a small wooden cross with some bio-degradable flowers, or perhaps something that glows in the dark, or maybe you dream of a life-sized statue that plays tunes!

A huge collection of 74 unusual looking graves ranging from a display of Godzilla figurine, basketball holder to scrabble tombs. Well at least they stand out among the others in the graveyard.

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Anonymous said...

The second one, the woman face with 3 legs, is not "unusual", is just the symbol of my island, Sicily, (that everybody know is in Italy).
That symbol is probably born in Greek then copyed by Romans and now is even in our flag.
Greetings, Carlo

TheSounDOne said...

seeing those that belongs to kids are the one that gets to me...... sob sob.....

nosoloSporting said...