Monday, November 16, 2009

Night Clubs for Overweight People

Do you have an overweight body?? don’t be shy.. now you can join the special night club which is dedicated for an overweight person.

California nightclubs "Club Bounce" and "The Butterfly Lounge" opened their doors to people who may not feel comfortable in other night clubs because of their weight. Club Bounce is couple blocks from the Pacific Ocean, with its flashing lights, friendly atmosphere and wall-rattling hip-hop sounds, caters specifically to fat people. These are big, big people, all dressed to the nines and many tipping the scales at 250, maybe 300 pounds.

These clubs are still a novelty and they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but their popularity is high. Visitors like the fact that no one stares at them and they can dance without fear of being watched and judged. For more details visit.

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Anonymous said...

yuch, how can you get so fat`? its so disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Woho. I can´t touch my feet..grr, I can´t see them either

Anonymous said...

And then someone runs in and says:



Anonymous said...

Lol this is so funny xD. America's crazy xD!

Anonymous said...

hey i would like to visit is there someone that is interested in opening up there home so i will be able to visit and hang out

Lose Up To 3 Dress Sizes in 10 Minutes said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I wish that there were clubs like these that I could visit in my area, where I could relax and make new friends.

However, I also want more for myself. I lost 3 dress sizes in 10 minutes, without diets, surgery, pills or exercise.

I want to be hotter and show curves in all the right places. I’m using the Science of Compression to get rid of my extra lovely parts.

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Anonymous said...

to all those that hate get a life and
a clue we big people are the sh..and we look dam good so to all my big borthers and sister do you

SuperShine said...

Ok well I am overwieght or fat or what ever the heck you wanna call it but I am sexy and it doesn't stop me from doing anything...Maybe some people are more comfy at "fat clubs" But me myself I like to mingle with all people and not surround myself with only fat people and I don't call thin girls "skinny beeches" or anything like that because whatever they are human too...And I don't feel like I have to be around other fat people to be the "pretty one" because I am still hot and get lots of hits even standin beside someone looking like tyra thats just you